Download images from your Olympus digital camera to your computer at blazing speed with this CB-USB1 Cable.

Replacement for Olympus CB-USB1 USB Cable – Olympus CB-USB1 Digital Camera Cable

Olympus CB-USB1 Cable
  • Model:
  • Olympus CB-USB1
  • Type:
  • USB Cable
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  • 1 year warranty! 30% off!
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Olympus CB-USB1 Cable Description:

Need a USB data cable to transfer pictures to your computer? Want to playback your photos on your television? We have the Olympus CB-USB1 cable that fits your Olympus digital camera.

This Olympus CB-USB1 Cable is a 6 foot USB cable used to download images from your Olympus digital camera to your PC. On one end of the cable is a standard USB A male that will fit into your PC. On the other end is a mini USB plug which will fit into your compatible Olympus digital camera.

- Data transfer rates up to 480Mbps
- 100% compatible with OEM cable.
- 1 year warranty!

    Olympus CB-USB1 Cable Fits Camera Models:
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