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Olympus Lihtium-ion battery maintenance methods:

1. Should I use up all Olympus Lithium-ion battery energy before charging? - No, it is better to recharge more often; avoid frequent full discharges.
2. Should I charge my Olympus battery partially or fully? - It does not matter. Charging in stages is acceptable. Full charge termination occurs by reading the voltage level and charge current. Charging the full Olympus camera battery is safe and does not cause harm.
3. Should I remove the Olympus digital camera battery from the charger when full? - It does not matter. The charger automatically cuts the charge current when the LP-E6 battery is full.
4. Should the Olympus battery be kept charged when not in use? - Best to store at 40% charge or 3.75-3.80V/cell open terminal. Cool storage is more important than state-of-charge. Do not fully deplete Olympus digital camera battery because Li-ion may turn off its protection circuit.
5. What should I know about the battery chargers? - The battery charger should apply full charge. Avoid economy chargers that advertise one-hours charge. Fastest full-charge time: 2-3 hours.

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